T-Mobile staff nabbed selling customer details

Justice Minister considers custodial sentences for data crime

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T-Mobile staff have passed the contract details of thousands of their customers to third-parties. The office of the information commissioner is preparing a prosecution. Reported by the BBC tonight, this story will explode across the blogosphere in the morning.

After 02, Vodafone, Orange, 3 and Virgin all said it wasn’t them, T-Mobile stepped up to confirm it was the source of the problem. It’s implied, but not confirmed that internal staff are at fault rather than outsourcers. A T-Mobile spokesman stated the data had been sold “without our knowledge”.

If prosecuted those involved could face fines that would cripple an individual but would be paltry to an organisation the size of T-Mobile. Justice Minister Michael Wills told the BBC that there was a “strong case” for introducing custodial sentences to prevent the trade in illegal data.

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