Motorola to split into two

Divide and conquer

Motorola logo

Motorola has announced that it plans to split into two separate, publically-traded companies during the first quarter of 2011. One part covering Mobile Devices and Home (phones, set-top boxes and digital entertainment) and the other, Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Networks (Radio, computers and network infrastructure). Both new companies will use the Motorola brand.

Moto reorganised into three parts during 2008; handsets, infrastructure, and set top boxes. Various combinations of the three were touted as up for sale throughout 2009, with media speculation that phone manufacture would cease internally. Very little since the glorious Razr V3 has impressed, a trend interrupted by healthy Q4 sales of the Droid and Motorola’s seemingly wholehearted adoption of the Android operating system.

Is it crazy to just want to see a bunch of phones from the American giant that people actually want to use?

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