Windows Mobile 6 rebranded

Not the end for WinMo. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse!

After the launch on Monday of Windows Phone 7, I thought, maybe I’d even secretly hoped that we’d seen the end of Windows Mobile. Apparently not. Although a fine product, it became boring. Overshadowed by Android, out performed by iPhones and lacking the ‘oo’ factor of new and mysterious operating systems like Samsung’s Bada, it was easy to drift away and demand something newer. Of course, I’m considering it from the point-of-view of a decadent European capitalist, secure in my world and eager to consume new things. For the developing world, WinMo is still a rugged proposition, providing a proven, stable and established smartphone platform. And as a legacy product, manufacturers can now negotiate and bundle it much more cheaply.

So, global Microsoft distributer, Bsquare Corporation has jumped in and is offering a rebranded WinMo 6.5 as Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition. The target audience is new and emerging markets, which means mobiles for China, India and the developing world, SIM embedded retail devices and terminals, and education and training devices, or surveying kit. All examples where innovative functionality is key, but having the latest bells and whistles isn’t a part of the marketing proposition. Shoppers selecting goods by SMS to a terminal aren’t going to wonder if the terminal is running version 3.0.1a of Apple OS.

Like to know more? press release here