Google Adobe partnership

Flash a-ah. Saviour of the Universe?

Adobe logo As the MWC came to an end this year, Google and Adobe announced they’ve struck up a partnership to bring Adobe products to Android handsets. Adobe Flash is a popular web format used for embedding video and animation and is used in many advertising applications. And Adobe AIR is a cross-platform suit of routines to put Flash and other functions directly into user apps.

Flash has been in the news recently, mainly due to the criticism ladled upon Apple’s new iPad for not supporting it. Apple Chief, Steve Jobs is on record as expecting the world to move away from Flash products and instead to embrace HTML5. He’s further alleged to have rubbished Adobe in a corporate Q&A session after the launch of iPad, explaining that the reason Apple doesn’t support Flash in it’s devices, is because it’s so buggy and the developer is lazy. He’s said to have blamed most Apple Mac crashes on Flash problems.

I’m not going to repeat what he’s supposed to have said about Google, but it’s interesting to see Google and Adobe working so closely, so soon after the announcement of iPad. It’s a competitive market, and no one device will be all things to all people. Many games and applications, animations and web sites that I use online require Flash, so I’m pleased it’s coming to my favourite operating system soon.