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Smartphone touchscreen share

Touchy Feely

High-tech industry pundit Canalys reports that more than half of all smartphone shipments during the last quarter of 2009 featured touchscreens. According to its figures, for the first time ever 55% of the devices worldwide were touch-powered. It also reports that 43% had keyboards (another record). By supplying separate figures and from observation, it’s clear there must be a hefty cross-over of devices that feature both – my preferred style.

Nokia and Intel merge Maemo and Moblin

Does this make the OS choice simpler for consumers, or more ridiculous?

Nokia logo2 Intel logo More operating system news at the MWC today as chipset maker Intel and phone giant Nokia declare a merger of their Moblin and Maemo platforms to create MeeGo. Intel will also source HSPA tech from Nokia and the relationship is likely to see many more Intel chips powering Nokia smartphones.

Windows Phone 7 Series launches

WinMo becomes WinPho!

Microsoft Chief, Steve Bulmer lifted the veil of secrecy from his new mobile operating system today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Not, as expected, a new version of Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 is instead a virtual rewrite from the ground up.

Collaboration to compete with Apple’s App Store

We shall overcome

Apple’s current domination of the app store format is undoubted, but insular. Lots of alternatives exist, but the choice for consumers is fragmented between operator, operating system and handset manufacturer. This morning, the GSM Association announced an alliance between twenty-four leading telecommunications operators that may begin to change all that. The Wholesale Applications Community intends to provide an open platform to deliver applications to all mobile phone users, regardless of brand, device or chief executive’s decree.

MWC launches begin

Phones, Phones, Phones

Valentine’s day saw the first phone launches announced at Mobile World Congress 2010, well at press launches held in nightclubs around the event venue.

Motorola to split into two

Divide and conquer

Motorola logo

Revenue from mobile health (mHealth products)

Doctor, Doctor, My phone keeps vibrating

clip_image001Mobile health, or mHealth is the term for medical or public health support via a mobile device. Ideas cover a huge range of applications and will be one of many topics discussed during next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Nokia X6 (16GB) Review

Mid-to-high end entertainment phone

Cosmetically the X6 has an elegant candy bar design, medium-thin for a touchscreen-only entertainment phone. Billed by as competition for the iPhone, the X6 (16GB version) is launching in the UK with a multi-million pound integrated advertising push via TV, print and digital media, plus a viral campaign through social networking sites.

Mobile World Congress 2010

Industry savants head to Spain

MWC logo Next week sees the GSM Association’s Mobile World Congress descend upon Barcelona. The annual event, a combination exhibition and grand conference, is the mobile industry’s largest get-together of the year. An opportunity for leaders and strategists from the mobile operators, vendors and content owners across the world to gather, collaborate, conduct business and tout new products.

Facebook’s importance to the mobile world

Friend me

clip_image001Facebook certainly has come a long way from its 2004 origins as a yearbook for Harvard University students. Easily the most popular social networking site with more than 400 million users worldwide, it may be about to provide more features, if rumours can be believed.