Having cake and eating it

Current whipping boy Google is coming under attack from three giants in the European communications market. Telefonica, France Telecom (Orange) and Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) are complaining because Google isn’t giving them a share of the advertising revenue raised by consumers accessing Google’s products over their networks.

They have announced Yet Another App Store Beater and called it the Wholesale Applications Community in response to the (three-year-old) global wake-up call from Apple which converted a spec hungry market into one that is all about the app.

Cesar Alierta, Telefinica’s chairman, called on regulators to force Google to share some of the revenue raised from online advertising with the carriers who are providing access to the advertising in the first place. FT’s Stephane Richard agreed recognising that Google were the winners and the network operators were the losers.

DT’s CEO really demonstrated his grasp on the market by announcing that “There is not a single Google service that is not reliant on network service. We cannot offer our networks for free”.

Last time I looked I was being charged for network access whether it be from my phone, my home or my business. And if you ask me, if OpCos have been dumb enough to undersell their bandwidth in a land-grab led by marketeers then they deserve everything they get. I still won’t forgive them until I see the back of all the ‘unlimited’ deals that still feature so strongly in their shop fronts.

Meanwhile, I’m off to suggest a new profit model to BT where they take a share of my bill at Pizza Hut because I used one of their phones to place the order.

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