Mobile phone reseller leaks Nokia N8 release date

nokia_n8Upcoming Finnish flagship mobile ships this month

Online handset retailer has released the shipping date of the upcoming Nokia flagship N8 mobile, even before the Finnish phone makers themselves have confirmed its arrival date.

The handset reseller has let slip the N8 arrival day via the retailer’s website page for selling that very handset, as August the 26th, SIM free and unlocked for £419.95 .

Nokia N8 is their flagship AMOLED 3.5-inch touch screen handset running the Symbian ^3 OS, with 16GB of memory and a 12 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens capable of HD recording – the highest quality camera seen on a Nokia handset to date.

It’s been reported Nokia will be dropping the Symbian platform on their N series devices, to be replaced with the Intel-Nokia joint venture of the mobile OS Meego – with this possibly being the last handset running the solely owned Nokia operating system.

This online store is the first to publically unveil the supposed Nokia N8 shipping date, where mobile phone networks are still running with their ‘Coming Soon’ holding pages with no further updates surrounding its arrival date or cost.


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