Free Facebook for Three

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No frills social networking

Mobile phone network Three has unveiled free access to a lite version of Facebook, to all of its customers.

Three’s access revolves around the website, in which the network won’t charge their customers to use.

This lightweight alternative to the main site even uses less data than the mobile version of Facebook, where the information that’s sent and received is less than a mobile app uses.

The mobile network won’t be charging for accessing this Facebook domain, leaving the data allowance for the phone’s accompanying tariff fully intact for other means.

Three is sponsoring which has been streamlined and optimised for browsing speed, by cutting away all of the heavy graphics and data intensive photos by default.

Images can still be accessed, although they need to be manually selected rather than being automatically displayed – where this will evoke a data charge as the lite website will no longer be used.

There’s no news whether this will be exclusive to Three, or that other mobile phone networks will have access to their own version within time.

This service will undoubtedly benefit pay as you go users, who currently receive free Skype use, Windows Live messenger and also Twitter access.

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