Sony Ericsson accessorises Android


With a View to Live with

Mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson has announced a small pocket sized screen device, which can display notification messages from a Google OS handset.

The SE LiveView has a 1.3-inch OEM display and can be worn as a watch or as a standalone device, where the product is paired with an Android 2.0 handset over Bluetooth and can display the happenings of the phone.

LiveView shows items such as incoming calls, text and email content, along with Facebook updates and also Twitter statuses – all from the handset.

The device can also be used to change music tracks and see calendar reminders too, whilst either attached to the wrist, clipped on to the pocket or just standing free.

In essence, the device mirrors the mobiles’ contents on to its screen in much the same way as a clamshell handset secondary outer screen also displays’ notifications.

Some companies frown upon having a mobile phone out on the desk, even schools feel the same way –¬†where this device by SE could provide that vital link to the handset in order to keep informed of what’s what.

Sony Ericsson’s LiveView arrives next month and is supported by Android 2.0 based handsets, where currently none of SE’s own mobiles actually run that version of the Google OS.

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