Keyboard in a case comes to the iPhone


Qwerty Quirkiness

On-line gadget specialist Brando is now selling an iPhone 4 case, with a Bluetooth keyboard for just £25.

The case enables the iPhone 4 to now have a physical keyboard, in much the same way as the Nokia E7 or Motorola Milestone 2 – only with the ability to revert back to be used solely as a touch screen device, when removed from the holder.

Brando’s iPhone 4 case with a keyboard offers up 49 keys in its mini format, which matches the size of the iPhone’s dimensions and connects over Bluetooth 2.0

The keyboard can also connect to the iPhone over a distance of 10 metres, where it’s lithium battery is recharged from a microUSB socket and takes between 3-5 hours to fully complete.

This case-keyboard combo also has intelligent power management software built in, for power conservation when not in use with an LED indicator to exactly highlight when it’s powered on or powered off.

The leather case itself is stylish, in a slim line form factor that doesn’t appear to be all that bulky – compared to others seen around today.

One Mobile Ring believes Apple won’t be manufacturing an iPhone with a keyboard anytime soon, where this solution could be the perfect choice for adding a Qwerty keyboard to the handset.

iPhone 4 Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

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