LG Optimus One – Initial Thoughts

The Optimus One is amongst one of the first mobile phones to be launched from the LG Optimus range, with this handset boasting the Android ‘Froyo’ 2.2 OS. It is marketed as providing ‘The latest Android experience at an affordable price’, with a view to attract new customers to buy their first Smartphone.

However, with the smartphone market growing at such an incredible rate, you would hope the budget end of the market would begin to turn out some little gems. Naturally, One Mobile Ring wanted to find out what the Optimus had to offer after attending its launch event – where we published a walkthrough of the handset in images and video.

It didn’t take too long to get to grips with the functionality due to our familiarity of Android devices, although it doesn’t feel like this is LG’s first foray into the world of Android.

We were quite surprised to discover the phone was running version 2.2 of the Google mobile OS, as it looks and feels dated and more of a 2.1 phone or even an older platform. LG has still managed to provide customisable icons in certain places, but we feel they will only impress the first time smartphone user.

In terms of aesthetic quality, it looks and feels cheap – make no bones about it. The LG Optimus One has only just been released and it already feels out-dated. Furthermore, there is only a 3-megapixel camera and this is very apparent in the quality of the images. The lack of flash on the camera is a big disappointment, although the VGA resolution of the video does make up for this in some way.

The main menu screen can be split into a couple of categories and arranged to how you want it, which is a really nice feature and one not seen elsewhere. This ability makes the applications much easier to locate, along with the various programs. One Mobile Ring has not seen this before on any Android device, although BlackBerry has started to run with this on their OS 6. The virtual keyboard‘s accuracy is quite poor, where you will find yourself being forced into landscape mode most of the time to improve the typing accuracy.

Higher-end budget mobile manufacturers could learn from the battery usage in the Optimus One. The handset contains a 1500mAh battery, where it destroys most other mobiles in terms of its longevity and at the third of the price. Most Android handsets generally have a poor battery life, with the performance alone of the LG phone is certainly something to consider.

LG has released a cat amongst the pigeons with the Optimus One, where first time Smartphone customers could do a lot worse than this handset. One Mobile Ring does hope it paves the way for more innovative use of stripped-down Android devices, at an affordable price – as this does seem inevitable.

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