Motorola Defy – unboxing images

One Mobile Ring has just taken delivery of the tough Android based Motorola Defy, which can cope with life’s little knocks and scrapes in a much more resilient way than most phones. Ahead of publishing the review we thought we would whet your appetite with these unboxing images, along with a brief walkthrough of the handsets’ features.  The Motorola Defy is water resistant and dust proof, where getting sand in the phone, spilling some drink or being caught in the rain won’t render the phone useless and unusable.

1 - Motorola Defy - boxed

The Motorola Defy in its retail box, ready to be unpackaged for all and sundry to behold its contents.

2 - Motorola Defy - unboxed

The Motorola Defy – unboxed. The handset’s box contains the sturdy mobile phone itself, various guides, a data cable and power adaptor to be used together for recharging the device.

3 - Motorola Defy

The Motorola Defy, running from Android ‘Éclair’ 2.1 with the enhanced MOTOBLUR overlay that brings in social networking, messaging and email feeds on to the home screen – whilst offering up security measures too. The mobile phone has a Corning Gorilla 3.7-inch touch screen display, which is scratch resilient to a degree and aids in the handset’s toughness as a whole. The mobile has an IP rating of 67, which means it’s both dust tight and can be immersed in 1 metre of water – whilst still being operable afterwards.

4 - Motorola Defy - top

The Motorola Defy – top of the handset. The top of the mobile contains the power button, for powering on the phone and also for enabling standby mode where alongside this is a 3.5mm audio jack, with a protected rubber cover.

5 - Motorola Defy - right

The Motorola Defy – right-hand side of the mobile. The right side of the phone contains a volume rocker, where it’s also possible to see the screen bolted down to the case for that dust-proof seal of approval.

6 - Motorola Defy - left

The Motorola Defy – the left-hand side of the phone. The left side of the mobile contains just the microUSB port, for both charging the mobile and providing data access to a computer. Once again the screws are visible too, for bolting the screen down to the case for that waterproof seal.

7 - Motorola Defy - back

The Motorola Defy – rear of the phone. The rear of the phone houses the 5 megapixel camera, with an LED flash where the removable rubberized rear of the phone is locked into place – securing that water-proof and dust-proof case.

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