Google maps updated for Android

Better robot cartography

Internet search giant Google has updated its mapping software for its own mobile phone operating system, to Google Maps version 5.0 – which brings in 3D buildings and off-line features.

Google Maps has been around for 5 years, where many features have been added over that period of time but the maps have remained static and a good internet connection was always needed – until now.

A more dynamic mapping method is now being used inside of the application, where dragging two fingers down the screen tilts the map for more of an angled sat nav display and it’s also possible to view buildings in 3D, in over 100 cities.

The same two fingers can also be used to rotate the map, by just turning the image around on the screen where moving those two fingers apart – zooms in on the location.

The former ‘location’ button inside of Google Maps can also be used to access a compass, where just pressing that button tilts the map and moving the handset in different directions controls the angle in the same way as the augmented virtual layers application works.

Google Maps 5.0 now caches the maps for the first time, where if a connection is lost and the route has already been planned or if the surrounding area has already been seen on the handset – it will remain in memory to be used by Google Maps.

Check out the video below, which has a walkthrough of the new features.

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