Conversations come to Google translate

Two-way foreign chat

Internet search engine giant Google has brought out a new version of their Google Translate application for the Android operating system, which allows for interactive conversations between two different languages.

Google has just launched a refresh update to the app on the Google mobile OS, which besides bringing in a few general updates and better input boxes also allows for conversational translations.

Google Translate can now have someone speak into a mobile device’s microphone, with the voice input being translated out loud. The other person who understands the translation just simply presses a button on the app, which then translates their voice input, back into the original language – with the results being tracked in a threaded-message format.

In the past translation wasn’t as simple between two individuals, with a less straightforward method of using Google translate to engage in a conversation where this experimental feature is a good all round improvement.

Google translate for the Android mobile operating system was launched in January 2010, with the ability to translate various languages into one another – where now it supports 53 languages, whilst recognising 15 different voice inputs.

The two-way dialogue is only available in English to Spanish and visa-versa, although the demo video below from Germany’s IFA show highlights the Google Translate app being used from English to German – where more languages must be in the works.

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