BBC iPlayer coming to Android

Beeb becomes more mobeeb friendly

Popular television broadcasters the BBC has made public that a version of their iPlayer software is coming to the Google mobile OS platform, along with the Apple iPad.

The BBC announced in a blog post the news of those mobile platforms gaining access to BBC content, where both applications will be available this week from their respective software repositories.

This new addition to the BBC portfolio of mobile software follows on from the success of their news app, which is now a feature of many mobile platforms and provides a background to build upon for the iPlayer; if not to just compliment the series.

The BBC has stated the use of the existing mobile BBC iPlayer app, on devices such as the BlackBerry Torch 9800 was double that of a computer iPlayer usage this Christmas time – which just highlights the widespread use of the mobile versions.

Both the Android and iPad iPlayer versions will be able to stream live TV and radio, which previously wasn’t possible on those devices. The app will also be able to access the past seven days of TV and radio programs, in much the same way as the desktop edition can currently.

The Android iPlayer will work with Android ‘Froyo’ 2.2, with the additional install of Adobe Flash 10.1 with WIFI access whereas the Apple iPad version will be able to run instantly from the latest iOS.

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