HTC Desire S – an initial thoughts review

It’s been almost a year since HTC launched the first Desire mobile phone and to great success, which significantly aided the company in announcing huge profits during last year. The follow up to that very handset is now on the way in the Desire S , which is powered by the latest 1GHz Qualcomm 8250 Snapdragon processor. This is backed by a 3.7-inch capacitive Super LCD display, whilst nursing 512MB RAM with 4GB of internal memory.

It is very exciting to finally see the Desire S in the flesh, where the clarity and brightness of the display is once again a joy to behold. All the bells and whistles immediately demand your attention, but the performance is fantastic too. At the business end, the Desire S literally hasn’t missed a beat and still delivers the goods, with an assured quality that has helped to cement the reputation of the firm.

The intuitive auto-corrective text is astonishingly accurate when using the virtual onscreen keyboard, whilst still reminding us at the same time how many mistakes can be made when typing with a touch screen device. The Desire S does provide to have an intelligent solution here, rather than a compromise that you may find with the likes of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini.

The layered menus are all designed to easily navigate through the front screens seem very similar to another system, the one employed by Apple on the iPhone 4. Furthermore, everything goes just that little bit further to create a more substantial experience. The Facebook integration within contacts is a good example, although it’s not a feature we would personally find desirable; One Mobile Ring can see the advantage, where it’s always nice to have the option for some.

When browsing the web, the Desire S provides an exceptional surfing experience with its magnificently distinguished AMOLED-esque screen quality, in resolution and stability. It’s so good, you will wonder how you ever managed without the text reform functionality – as the precious minutes spent scrolling left to right to read tiny articles are surely no one’s idea of a good time.

720p HD video recording is available on the Desire S, but we were more impressed with the image stabilisation system and its immensely powerful operating system in the form of Android. These are just a few sprinklings amongst a gargantuan list of specifications for the Desire S, which makes the handset a worthy replacement to the original Desire.

The Desire S will remain in the mid-range Android smartphone category, with a price attached SIM free and unlocked that shouldn’t break the bank. One Mobile Ring has no doubt the mobile phone will prove as successful as its older relatives, but with HTC firing on all cylinders at the moment with rumours of dual-core devices coming to the UK – the company are pushing the hype surrounding the brand further still.

– B

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