iPad 2 arriving March 2nd?


Padding out the rumour mill

Cupertino based software and hardware company Apple has announced to the press it is holding a media event, where it’s reported the iPad successor will be unveiled.

The invite to the press contained an image from a date book calendar, which has been pealed back to reveal the corner of a large screen where the speculation is rife that this is the first look of the upcoming iPad 2.

We’re expecting more than 20 different tablet products arriving on the market this year, where last year’s winner of the big display device crown had to go to Apple and many called 2010 ‘the year of the iPad’.

This could be the very reason why the wording in the invite is – ‘Come see what 2011 will be the year of’ – where Apple is hoping to replicate the success of 2010, with a view that many will crown 2011 as ‘the year of the iPad2’.

Not a great deal is known at this stage of what the iPad 2 might contain, although it’s been rumoured for some time the device will contain a rear and front facing camera that was sadly missing from the first model. Finally, Apple’s video calling ‘Facetime’ could soon be fully utilised on a tablet where it’s also been speculated the iPhone 4’s Retina Display might be included too.

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