White iPhone to cost over £900

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On-line electronic goods retailer Expansys.com has now listed the white version of the iPhone 4 at £919.99, whilst opening up pre-ordering for the device at the same time.

The mighty cost attached of the white iPhone 4 hasn’t been explained, other than Apple has never officially produced a version of their handset within that colour and the mobile phone might have to be custom made.

Expansys’ iteration of the handset arrives with all the features of the original phone, with the same 3.5-inch retina display, along with a rear facing 5 megapixel camera that is capable of 720p HD video capture.

The mobile will run from the latest version of iOS platform, whilst being powered by a 1Ghz processor with 32GB of internal storage.

Apple’s white iPhone 4 from the on-line store will arrive SIM free and unlocked, with a view to be used on any network from the outset.

There’s been no mentioned of an actual arrival date for the mobile, although One Mobile Ring believes when the pre-ordering numbers escalate the shipping date will be made public as Expansys.com will have enough requests to have the iPhone 4 custom made in a white case.


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