Live video chat comes to Qik

Between Android and iPhone

Mobile video streaming software company Qik has announced Qik Video Connect for Android and iOS – which delivers video calling between devices running those platforms.

The company that has recently been acquired by Skype for $100 million is well-known for applications that have the ability to record and share video, over various media only now it has enabled video calling.

Qik Video Connect on the Google Mobile OS, with the updated application on the iPhone, has accomplished something that both companies havn’t been able to do beforehand – inter-device video conferencing.

The software works on Android ‘Éclair’ 2.1 onwards, along with iPhones, iPad2 and iPod Touch devices with a camera.

Besides video calling, video mail is also possible where the appropriate software isn’t installed or if the person is already engaged on other video call.

The Qik Video Connect also allows for video to be shared with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on a blog – which is where the more traditional Qik services originate from.

If a second font-facing video camera isn’t present on the handset, the more standard rear camera can be used too.

The Qik Video Connect Plus app for iPhone or iOS is free this week, where normally this retails for $2.99 with a cost attached for the video mail after June 1st.

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