Shazam gets unlimited free tagging

Alakazam! no musical limits!

Popular mobile phone music identification service Shazam has enabled unlimited music identifying in their free Android application, courtesy of eBay.

Shazam’s application is used to identify music, by running the ‘tagging’ service inside of the app when a track is being played where a service at the company’s HQ works out exactly who the artist is and the music being played – over the internet.

Previously, the basic application was limited to just five free music identifications a month where this limit has now been completely removed – thanks to sponsorship by eBay.

The new Shazam app has been updated with a partnership deal by the popular on-line bidding service, as the software now carries adverts from the company as a part of the tie-in.

This is the first exclusive App sponsorship deal agreed by eBay anywhere in the world, along with the first time Shazam has selected a partner to provide free services to their customers – until January 1st 2012.

There is also another aspect to the latest free version, with a ‘Shazam Friends’ feature for Android – which allows for music discoveries to be shared with Facebook, in the form of a status updates.

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