Windows Phone 7 VIP Preview – live blogging


One Mobile Ring is at the VIP preview event of the next version of Windows Phone, where we will be live blogging to bring you the news as it happens.

15:03 The presentation has started with a video listing features unseen before, such as IE9 and better Bing integration

15:094 Achim Berg, Corporate Vice President Windows Phone Marketing has taken to the stage

15:07 New aspects of Windows Phone ‘Mango’ will highlight communications, web and apps

15:09 Windows Phone ‘Mango’ will be easier to connect and share, with groups and threads inside of messaging

15:10 Windows Phone now has 18,000 apps inside of its market place

15:12 Windows Phone will bring multi-tasking and smarter apps and live titles

15:14 IE9 has the same code as the desktop version, for seamless web developers to write code for

15:17 Windows Phone demo is being aired on the screen, with all these news features on display

15:18 Windows Phone ‘Mango’ brings in Twitter and Linkedin into the People Hub, with viewing pictures that contacts can be tagged in and threaded messages with those tagged contacts

15:19 Windows Phone ‘Mango’ allows for groups to be listed within the People Hub, that shows all of the people inside of that group and all of their happenings and no one else

15:21 Email has been reworked inside of ‘Mango’, with a conversation view that displays all of the email chain as it the conversation happened and in a much clearer way

15:23 Mango’s calender also displays Facebook events too

15:25 Tagged pictures inside of Windows Phone ‘Mango’ can be messaged, where those tagged people can be contacted inside of a threaded message

15:26 British airways future application for the Windows Phone ‘Mango’ OS allows for the seat selection, with a 3D image being shown of the plane’s seating , along with the individual seat costs and a recognised boarding pass

15:20 Mango now supports skydrive and office 365

15:31 A new game has come to Xbox live each week since launch, with Angry Bird coming in the next few weeks

15:33 IE 9 on Windows Phone ‘Mango’ works faster than the iPhone on HTML5, with over 20 frames a second – compared to 2 frames on the Apple device

15:35 News icons on Bing under ‘Mango’, with vision and also a new Scout ability – that brings in information relative to that area

15:37 Mango is able to read out messages when they arrive, through its headphones and allow for voice responses too

15:40 Windows Phone ‘Mango’ will be available this autumn, free for Windows Phone 7 and with 500 new features

15:41 18,000 apps in the Windows Market place with Skype soon, in just seven months, where they are about to overtake RIM’s BlackBerry App World

15:41 New handsets will be available from Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE soon

15:42 Nokia will be a partner for Windows Phone ‘Mango’, with news arriving this summer time of handsets


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