Windows Phone 7 VIP ‘Mango’ Preview – in pictures

One Mobile Ring has attended the preview event of the upcoming version of Windows Phone 7, know as ‘Mango’. We managed to capture some images from the press briefing, which we thought we would publish to whet your appetite ahead of the hands-on video.

The pictures below highlight the current handsets running WP7, exactly what the update of ‘Mango’ will centre around, the new group features in action and the threaded messaging, between text messages and Facebook chat – from a single contact.

Following on from there is multitasking on the handset, what the new updated Bing features are, with access to the camera, social networking integration and location based services, with an example.

We also caught exactly IE9 will bring to Windows Phone, with its quick cards and local scout features, along with support for HTML5 and an example of this in action.

Whilst we end with a confirmation that 500 new features are inside of ‘Mango’, with an image of the new supported applications and a list of the new hardware partners.

DSC01043 DSC01044 DSC01047 DSC01049GroupsIntegrated Messaging DSC01053 DSC01054 BingLocal Scout DSC01055 Browser in phoneDSC01056 DSC01057 DSC01058

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