Dual PAYG and monthly contracts come to T-Mobile


Offering the best of both worlds

T-Mobile has launched the You Fix contract, which is a new low-cost monthly tariff that includes elements from pay as you go price plans.

T-Mobile’s new You Fix contract allows the user to actually top up the monthly tariff with more minutes and text messages, in the same way that a prepaid price plan operates.

This combination of a pay as you go and monthly tariff is a unique proposition to T-Mobile, where You Fix offers up the best of both worlds and on a short affordable 12-month contract.

You Fix is offered in three flexible deals, where £15.50 per month provides 75 minutes and 75 text message bundle; £20.50 a month delivers 100 minutes and a 100 text message allowance, where £26 per month is accompanied by 300 minutes and a 300 text message bundle.

There are also bundled in T-Mobile Flexible Boosters, where any one of seven free regular bolt-ons can be included, such as internet access, unlimited landline and international calling.

T-Mobile has a number of mobile phones available on the plan, which include the Samsung Galaxy Gio for £85 and £15.50 per month, the BlackBerry 8520 for £60 at £20.50 per month, and the HTC Wildfire S for £70 and £26 per month.

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