3D game converter comes to LG


For the Optimus 3D

South Korea’s second largest conglomerate LG will be demonstrating their 2D to 3D game conversion engine, at Berlin’s IFA consumer electronics show.

Lucky GoldStar will air to the public this week the world’s first OpenGL-based 2D to 3D game conversion engine, which is coming to their LG Optimus 3D mobile phone later on this year.

The new tool benefits both game developers and smartphone users, where small and medium-sized game companies will be able to offer 3D versions of their existing 2D games without major investments in cost or time – whilst Optimus 3D owners will benefit from being able to convert their 2D games into 3D, anytime and free of charge.

Owners of the LG Optimus 3D handset can open a 2D mobile game inside of the 3D Game Converter, where the program automatically scans the game to see if it is listed amongst the 2D mobile games that are optimised for 3D conversion.

If the game has been optimised, it will be converted into 3D using default visual settings whilst unlisted OpenGL-based 2D games can still be converted to 3D, by adjusting the settings manually.

The ‘3D Game Converter’ will be included in the first maintenance release (MR) of the LG Optimus 3D OS that starts to rollout this October – with 50 2D games included within the list, with 50 more to be added by year’s end.

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