O2 introduces picture sending to Twitter by MMS


From the number 86444

Former British Telecom mobile phone network O2 has launched a way to send images directly to Twitter, from just a MMS and not by using a separate app either.

O2 has teamed up with Twitter to make it easier for their customers to share photos from their mobile phones, without the need to upload the picture via any additional software.

It is now possible to send an image to a short MMS code number, in the same way as sending an MMS is normally performed to a friend.

Sending a picture to Twitter over MMS is done by just passing an image to the number 8644 and in the same method used to send Tweets with O2.

In order to an associate a mobile phone number first of all with Twitter, you need to simply SMS the word ‘start’ to 86444, or log into the account online and choose the ‘mobile’ option in settings.

O2 was the first mobile phone network to offer SMS-to-Twitter in the UK, which started in July of 2009 and is now supported by Vodafone and Orange – although only O2 has made public that posting a picture to MMS can be done.

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