Microsoft announces Windows Phone ‘Mango’ arriving in the next two weeks


For existing mobile phones running WP7

Seattle-based software developer’s Microsoft has made public the next version of their mobile phone operating system, with the codename of Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’, will start to be deployed within the next two weeks.

This news from Microsoft came from a posting on their own Windows Team Blog website, from  Eric Hautala – General Manager of Customer Experience Engineering.

Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ boasts 500 new features, amongst those are the integration of Twitter feeds and Linkedin into the ‘People Hub’, along with the IE9 web browser using the same codebase as the desktop version.

He began by mentioning “[Microsoft] and dozens of our partner companies have been laying the groundwork for the Windows Phone 7.5 update—and making solid progress”, “As a result, we now expect to start rolling it out in the next week or two”.

Also in the post Eric warned about unauthorised ROM downloads, where be stated – “This also seems like a good time to caution against installing unofficial or leaked copies of Windows Phone software”.

“During the official Windows Phone 7.5 update process, every Windows Phone will also receive software from the handset manufacturer. This matched and paired firmware has been painstakingly tuned so your phone—and apps—work with all the new features of Windows Phone 7.5. Since your phone requires the proper firmware to function as designed, my advice is simple: steer clear of bootleg updates and homebrew tools” – The MS General Manager went on to add on the blog.

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