Virgin mobile phones can now use Orange and T-Mobile networks

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One Mobile Ring has just attended a Virgin Media press event to highlight their mobile phone offerings for the Christmas market – where we have learned that Virgin Media is to announce their mobile phone customers can now use the Orange and T-Mobile mobile phone networks.

Virgin Mobile uses T-Mobile’s backbone for phone calls, text messages and data where their customers can now benefit from the Everything Everywhere merger of the two mobile phone network companies by being able to seamlessly use the Orange and T-Mobile networks – at no extra charge.

The Virgin Media customers can opt in to this new roaming offer, by sending a text message with ‘Yes’ to the number 789777.

Whenever Virgin mobile phone owners are in an area when poor or no VM coverage, the phone will automatically switch to an Orange network for the restored call signal.

Currently this will only work for calls, text messages and 2G data but OMR has been told the 3G service will be coming next year, along with seamless in-call hand over.

This is where Virgin Media customers can automatically switch between Orange and their T-Mobile network whilst actually on a call and transparently to the end user, without them knowing and for the best possible signal and coverage

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