Motorola Razr – in pictures and on video

Motorola has just announced their first Razr mobile phone since 2008, with a regular smartphone design over the clamshell form factor, which accompanies their other Razr handsets.

One Mobile Ring is now publishing the images below, ahead of any other hands-on coverage of the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen based device, with a dual-core 1.2GHhz processor and an 8MP camera, with 16GB of memory and the current version of Android.

Spider_Front_1, 8/11/11, 11:29 AM,  8C, 4274x2400 (768+2896), 100%, Bent 6 Adjuste,  1/20 s, R42.8, G30.0, B59.6


Spyder_Rside_1, 8/11/11, 2:55 PM,  8C, 4800x600 (624+3720), 100%, Bent 6 Adjuste,   1/8 s, R42.8, G30.0, B59.6


Spyder_Back_1, 8/22/11, 11:03 AM,  8C, 4200x2400 (809+2844), 100%, Bent 6 Adjuste,  1/20 s, R48.8, G36.0, B65.6