Motorola Razr thin Android mobile phone uses Apple’s SIM card design

And not a regularly sized variant

On-line mobile phone reseller Clove has published details of the SIM card layout to the recently launched Motorola Razr handset, which uses the iPhone’s 4 SIM set up.

Clove has published a blog post on the website, which notes that the world’s thinnest mobile phone with a 7.1mm thickness has a design tip taken from Apple.

Motorola Razr uses a Micro SIM and not the regularly found SIM card, used by all mobile phones around today.

Apple switched over to using a Micro SIM card for the 2010 iPhone 4 handset, which has been carried across to this year’s dual-core iPhone 4S – where no other mobile phone has used the same SIM card form factor since, until now.

The very svelteness of the Motorola Razr could be the reason of this design switch, which affords the handset the title of the world’s slimmest phone and takes the title away to the 8.7mm thin Sony Ericsson arc S.

The Clove blog post goes on to mentioned that ‘Most network operators will offer you a Micro SIM, you just need to ask for one from them. Alternatively you can cut your normal SIM to size to fit in the Micro SIM card slot. However be aware that by doing so you will need an adapter to use it in a conventional sized SIM card slot.’