Research In Motion BlackBerry Porsche handset leaked


With the possible innards of the Bold

Canadian mobile phone manufacturer RIM is reportedly due to launch a newly designed handset at an event in Dubai this week, which has a futuristic design and look with the form factor of the new BlackBerry Bold.

Technology news websites Pocket Lint and the BlackBerry news site have all published images and details of the yet to be launched device – which has said to be designed by Porsche.

Research In Motion has sent out an invite to a VIP preview evening, jointly by the Porsche Design team where then handset is set to be unveiled.

This isn’t the first time a mobile phone maker has teamed up with a well-known designer, as LG has had handsets designed by Prada and Giorgio Armani have produced Samsung phones – with a notable redesign of the Samsung Galaxy S.

Acer has even produced limited edition Ferrari mobile phones, but this is the first time RIM has teamed up with a partner for the reworking of one of their devices.

One Mobile Ring will bring you more news of the Porsche designed BlackBerry as it is released; in the meantime check out the gallery of images here.