Motorola Razr – hands-on walkthrough of applications, in pictures

One Mobile Ring recently attended a Motorola press event, to highlight to the media their new Razr mobile phone which is due to arrive at the end of next week.

The images below show the new applications of the handset, which are initially being seen inside the Motorola Razr mobile.

The first picture displays MotoCast, from the Motorola acquired Zecter and their ZumoCast application. This app can stream music, video and images from compatible devices to the Motorola Razr. In addition to which, there is a small client for PCs and Macs that allows their media to be shared with the handset – over both WIFI and outside of the home, from 3G.

Following on from MotoCast is a new application that has been developed internally at Motorola, called Smart Actions. This is said to extend the usefulness of a smartphone, by providing automatic responses and running certain features of the Razr, at predefined times.

The third and forth pictures show the predefined roles of the ‘smart actions’ application, where fifth, sixth and seventh images demonstrate these roles. The Car action is just one that highlights how this works’; as soon as the Razr establishes the Blutooth connection with the car (which is the trigger) the volume is automatically turned up, WIFI is disabled and  GPS is turned on for maps.

The last picture displays the webtop application that has only previously been seen in the Motorola Atrix. This is an application that offers up a full desktop computer experience when activated, which in this case is from a dumb 10-inch screen laptop that runs from the phone and the webtop software.