Video of the Apple iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II being drop tested


With the iPhone offering surprising results

Electronic goods warranty company Squaretrade has posted a video of their exploits in a series of mobile phone drop tests, with the new Apple iPhone 4S up against the Samsung flagship Galaxy S II.

The footage starts with a series of drop tests from different heights and phone angles with the Apple iPhone 4S, which is then repeated later on with the Samsung Galaxy S II – where the latest Apple handset takes damage on each test, with the screen being completely shattered.

Samsung’s Galaxy S II remained intact throughout, almost without any damage and in the same tests that were performed on a new iPhone 4S.

Apple’s iPhone 4S was first dropped on its side from waist height, with a quarter of the handset’s rear sustaining noticeable damage and the Galaxy S II only had minor scratches on the sides.

The following test saw the Apple being dropped from shoulder height, which resulted is some grazing to its corner, as it landed on that part of the phone but it actually fared well, as did the Samsung mobile – with no notable damage

The last test saw the iPhone 4S being dropped face-down, which resulted in the handset’s screen being completely shattered and the repeated Samsung test saw no more apparent damage to the mobile.

Technology DIY website iFixit recently ran a feature where the latest Apple iPhone 4S was entirely dismantled and the site discovered the LCD and glass are now fused together, making cracked glass repair more costly – which is grave news, judging by the video below.