Windows Phone ‘Mango’ update available for all WP7 mobile phones


Around the world

Seattle based software developers Microsoft has released an update to the deployment of the new Windows Phone 7 OS version known as ‘Mango’, where the platform is now available to all the earlier devices.

Microsoft has made public this news from their own Windows Team Blog, in a posting that contains the information – ‘we’re now delivering Mango to 100 percent of eligible phones around the world, regardless of carrier.’

Eric Hautala, the general manager of customer experience engineering at Microsoft went on to note: ‘[Microsoft is ] delivering the Windows Phone 7.5 update to LG Optimus 7 phones on Telefonica in Spain. We’re also now scheduling it for Samsung Omnia 7 phones on Deutsche Telekom.’

This is along with, ‘we’re also sending out “firmware” updates to some phones around the world, so don’t be surprised if you see another update notification pop up on your phone in the coming days. Firmware is software provided to us by handset makers that’s designed to do things like improve your phone’s performance, fix bugs, or even activate new features (if your phone hardware supports it). Not everybody will receive or require a firmware update: It all depends on your country, carrier, and phone model.’