Only 3-percent of Three’s network traffic is voice

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Where a lot more is data

Mobile phone network Three has unveiled some interesting stats about their network traffic, where it appears that 97-percent of all bandwidth is taken up by data alone.

Three has published these findings, in a blog post to from their CTO technical department.

The posting notes – ‘since June last year and September this year (just 14 months) we’ve seen a 427% increase in data usage on Three for smartphone customers. Downloading apps, streaming movies, getting around town with Google Maps, even checking in on Facebook’.

This results in the poster Phil Sheppard stating: ‘Staggeringly, 97% of all the traffic that now travels through our network is data. That’s amazing.’

Three only began as a 3G network back in 2003, where the blog item goes on to mention it was ahead of its time where few knew how 3G and mobile data could really be relevant in people’s lives particularly with a lack of decent handsets.

Calls and texts are still important of course, but [their] 3G network was made for the mobile internet and [Three has] been growing it, and upgrading it, and perfecting it to make it the best it can be – finishes Sheppard, from Three.