Motorola Xoom 2 – hands on walkthrough in pictures of applications and features

Motorola launched yesterday the successor to their first Xoom Android tablet device from earlier this year, which arrived with a 10.1-inch screen size and just as the new version does too.

The new Xoom 2 is 100 grams lighter than the first model, whilst powered by a faster dual core 1.2GHz processor, with 16GB of memory and is set to arrive mid-November with a cost of  £379.99.

The images below highlight the Xoom 2′s screen; the device in landscape mode, which is how it is supposed to be used; all of the applications on-board; the preinstalled dijit and citirx receiver app; MotoCast media streaming running, whilst displaying music from a computer some 50 miles away; the optional stylus, which allows for  on screen writing and the note taking application.