Apple’s hidden iOS autocorrect spelling keyboard bar is now available

With some tinkering one-mobile-ring-9to5mac-ios-auto-correct

On-line Apple Mac news website 9to5mac has uncovered an Android-esque auto-correct spelling keyboard bar inside of the latest Apple iOS5 operating system, which has been disabled but the website has details on how to enable it.

This news from 9to5mac comes only days after another hidden feature was discovered inside of the Apple platform – panoramic capture mode, used by the iPhone’s camera.

The website has now published details relating to this non-enabled function, along with how to actually activate it for use.

9to5mac posting lists the actions required to have the auto-correct aspect on an Apple device: Download iBackupBot, Backup your iPhone/iPod in iTunes, Open iBackupBot and find the backup, then load it. Find Library/Preferences/ and open the file. (if your software isn’t registered you’ll have to press cancel and then it will open), Add in the following code: <key>KeyboardAutocorrectionLists</key><string>YES</string>, Save your modifications, and then restore from backup from within iBackupbot.

The camera’s panoramic mode from inside of the Apple iOS requires more of a deeper understanding of coding, all of which can be read here.

One Mobile Ring believes these features could very well be unveiled in a future release of the operating system, although Apple hasn’t made public any intentions as yet.