Motorola Razr – unboxing in pictures

One Mobile Ring has just taken delivery of the Motorola Razr for an upcoming review, where just to whet your appetite we thought we would publish these unboxing images of the world’s thinnest mobile phone.

The handset arrives with a 4.3-inch 540×960 Super AMOLED screen, with Corning Gorilla glass display and a dual core 1.2GHz processor, an 8 megapixel camera with 16GB of memory.

Below are pictures of the retail box, along with all its contents;  the Motorola Razr and its 7.1mm thin dimensions, with the Kevlar back and microSD and microSIM slots; the phone up and running, displaying OMR.

one-mobile-ring-omr-motorola-razr (4)

one-mobile-ring-omr-motorola-razr (8)


one-mobile-ring-omr-motorola-razr (13)

one-mobile-ring-omr-motorola-razr (14)