O2 starts 4G trial in London

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To test out the next generation mobile broadband

Former British Telecom mobile phone network O2 has switched on a 4G LTE network in the capital, which will run for nine months and will allow hundreds of consumers, businesses and venues to gain access to the latest mobile broadband technology.

O2’s 4G or LTE, Long Term Evolution, network will run over 25 sites across London this month, covering a combined area of 40 square kilometres.

This LTE enabled area will start from Hyde Park and cover all the way to The O2 in Greenwich, whilst encompassing key areas such as Canary Wharf, Soho, Westminster, South Bank and Kings Cross.

The 4G mobile internet experience is equal to a fast landline fibre home broadband connection from Virgin Media, with one minute downloading of a 500MB file – where the same file would take 5 minutes on 3G.

People on the trial will be using Samsung B3730 mobile broadband dongles to gain access to the LTE network, which supports speeds of up to 100Mbps.

This is in addition a number of 4G personal wireless hotspots and handsets, from a number of other vendors where over 1000 individuals are expected to take part.