Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 source code released


For handset retailers and coders to use

Our sister in-depth IT title thinq_ has published a piece surrounding Google releasing ahead of schedule the source code to the platform running on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Thinq_ has posted an item on Android 4.0, which notes it is the first version to reunite the previously split ‘Gingerbread’ smartphone branch with the ‘Honeycomb’ tablet branch – the search giant quickly promised that it would be making the source code fully available.

‘ It’s a major move for the company: when it released the tablet-centric Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’ build, it refused to make the source code available – unlike every other version of the GNU/Linux-based Android to date – citing fears that unscrupulous OEMs would squeeze the system onto unsuitable phone-format. ‘

The item finished with – ‘ Despite the launch only happening a few hours ago – and the frankly insane build requirements, with Google recommended that developers have 16GB of RAM in order to compile the platform from source – some teams have already managed to create a build, with Scottish group Galnet the first out of the door with a version of ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ for a variety of devices. ‘