HTC fault sees Windows Phone 7 handsets constantly changing MAC address




One Mobile Ring has been contacted by an O2 HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 handset owner, who has received an update to their mobile phone last week from O2 – which has resulted in a constantly changing MAC address, affecting WIFI access on the device.

We have now seen this issue on a number of HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 handsets, where every time the mobile phone reboots a new MAC address is issued to the mobile phone.

This fault will both stop WIFI access on home broadband routers that use MAC addresses as a form of identification, along with the likes of corporate RADIUS servers and any apps that also use the MAC address as a form of authentication.

O2/HTC deployed this update mid last week to the HTC HD 7 handsets, which were initially exclusive to O2 in the UK.

This update came some weeks after the Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ OS revision was rolled out to O2 HD 7 mobile phones, which brought with it improved multi-tasking, twitter and linkedin integration into the people hub, amongst other additions.

OMR has contacted O2 and HTC for a response on this matter, where we will update this news item as and when we have more information.

* UPDATE 1 *

We have now had feedback from O2, who have has stated: ‘We’re looking into this with HTC. Will keep you updated.’