Nokia to sell 500,000 Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7 handsets

This year

American business magazine Forbes has run a piece on the sales of Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 Lumia 800 handsets, with those numbers reaching just half a million.

Forbes has stated in a post to their website that Bernstein Research analyst Pierre Ferragu noted ‘With no breakthrough innovation, we believe Nokia’s new phones are unlikely to get traction in a highly concentrated high-end’.

“Second, we don’t believe Lumia phones are competitively priced. Third, we believe in economics of increasing returns for mobile ecosystems and judge rather unlikely that Windows can gain critical mass against Android and iOS. Fourth, we have seen evidences of lack of traction for the Windows operating system over the last 12 months and challenge the idea that the Nokia brand can make a meaningful difference today.” – added the research analyst.

Whilst continuing with – ‘Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette wrote in a research note that shipments of Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 units in the December quarter could prove disappointing. “We believe that shipments of Nokia’s new Windows Phone 7 products have been lower than we had previously anticipated”.

And finishing on: ‘We had expected that the company could ship as many as 2 million units into the six targeted markets for the holidays; however, we now believe that those shipments are likely to be less than 1 million for the quarter.” He adds that sell-through checks find “disappointing sales” for the Lumia so far, and that December quarter sales could be under 500,000 units.’