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O2 starts 4G trial in London

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To test out the next generation mobile broadband

Former British Telecom mobile phone network O2 has switched on a 4G LTE network in the capital, which will run for nine months and will allow hundreds of consumers, businesses and venues to gain access to the latest mobile broadband technology.

Everything Everywhere and BT start first 4G UK trial

With the world’s fastest mobile broadband network

Mobile phone umbrella company Everything Everywhere and BT Wholesale have started the UK’s first next generation 4G LTE network, with 200 people in Cornwall.

SanDisk 64GB microSD card now available to buy


As the world’s largest storage capacity for a mobile phone

World’s first 64GB microSD card launched

More storage for your phone

Renowned makers of DRAM and flash memory Kingmax has unveiled the highest capacity microSD card for mobile devices, in the Kingmax 64GB microSD card.

4G mobile phone network comes to the UK

Next gen 3G, not for emmets

Mobile phone network umbrella company Everything Everywhere and BT Wholesale have unveiled a partnership, to bring the first ever 4G LTE network to the UK and Cornwall.

O2 trials out 4G network


Next-Gen mobile broadband hits Berkshire??

Mobile phone network O2 has released details of their 4G network trials, which are currently taking part in Slough at the present time.

Commercial 4G out now

4G Viking expansion

TeliaSonera This week Scandinavian giant TeliaSonera launched the worlds first publicly available 4G in Norway and Sweden. For now, capital dwellers in Oslo and Stockholm have to manually swap Samsung dongles to switch up to 4G, but TS are promising free upgrades to early adopters when dual devices come out.

World’s first Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablet goes on sale for under $100

Chinese electronics company Ainovo has launched the NOVO7, which is now the first tablet to ship with the Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich‘ 4.0 OS, with a 7-inch touch screen and a cost attached of $99 with $60 shipping charges.

Nokia N9 mobile phone arriving in the new colour of white and with a software update

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has made public that a new version of the joint Nokia-Intel MeeGo OS is being rolled out to their N9 handsets, along with a new colour of white being available to buy.

Samsung releases Apple iPhone 4S video


Whilst making fun of the competition

Consumer electronics giant Samsung is now running a video in the USA that satirically pokes fun at the Apple iPhone 4S, which points out the foibles of the iPhone 4 – such as the mobile looks the same and the previous model.