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Research In Motion releases second PlayBook tablet update in under two weeks and with a major security fix

Canadian email mobile phone manufacturer RIM has announced that another version of the OS is now available for its PlayBook tablet devices, which brings the total number of releases to two – within the same number of weeks,with a major security issue blocked.

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet receives an update

Canadian email mobile phone maker Research In Motion has released an update to their PlayBook tablet device, which brings with it a new version of Adobe Flash Player amongst other additions.

2,000 newspapers come to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, from the PressReader application

And preinstalled at the factory

Canadian email device maker Research In Motion has made public the news that the PressReader news app is to be preloaded on the BlackBerry tablet device, which brings with it more than 2,000 replica newspapers to the PlayBook.

BlackBerry PlayBook caught on video running Android applications


Inside of a new OS too

German BlackBerry news blog has run a feature on the upcoming Research In Motion BlackBerry tablet OS, which highlights the Android App player that allows Google mobile applications to be run on the device.

Carphone Warehouse drops BlackBerry Playbook tablet to £249

With a saving of £150

Popular high-street mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced a price drop in the Research In Motion BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to £249 for the 16GB model, £329 for the 32GB version and £409 for the 64GB variant.

BlackBerry PlayBook arrives a day early

Taking a note out of someone else’s PlayBook

Popular high-street mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has unveiled it will be selling the BlackBerry PlayBook one day earlier, than other’s selling the Research In Motion tablet device.

BlackBerry Playbook’s UK arrival date released


Only 9 months in gestation

Canadian mobile phone manufacturer Research In Motion has unveiled the arrival date of their first tablet computer in the UK with the BlackBerry Playbook, as June 16th.

Registration available for BlackBerry Playbook tablet

Email interest, for an interesting product

Popular high-street mobile phone retailer Phones 4u has opened up the pre-registration of the much anticipated Research In Motion BlackBerry PlayBook – RIM’s very first tablet device.

Research In Motion to bundle 7digital music app on the PlayBook

BlackBerry Playbook – hands on walk through on film

Mobile World Congress 2011: A rimshot at the iPad

One Mobile Ring managed to grab some time with Research In Motion at MWC, all in order to deliver a video demonstration of their offer in the tablet market space – with the BlackBerry PlayBook.