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Sky is upgrading mobile applications

Along with new a bespoke Android tablet version

Entertainment giant Sky has announced that it is updating its Sky+ app, which will bring in series link for the very first time on a mobile device.

Sky adds news application to Research In Motion’s BlackBerry handsets

For up to the minute news, on a BB device

Satellite entertainment giant Sky has released a free app for BlackBerry smartphones, which now adds Sky News on every major mobile phone OS in the UK.

Video calling comes to Windows Phone 7 device, but not from Skype

But from Tango

Leaders in mobile video communications Tango has announced their video calling application is now available for the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system, allowing free video calling over 3G and WIFI.

Sky Go reaches a million


TV program views, from portable products

Satellite entertainment giant Sky has announced their Sky Go service has reached one million downloads, since launching in July this year.

Sky releases news app for Windows Phone 7

Sky-News-Windows Phone App

With all the news channel content, only on an MS mobile

24-hour satellite news giant Sky News has introduced a free application for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 handsets, which brings with it all the channel and website has to offer.

Video calling comes to Skype, on Android

With a facelift to the UI

Popular voice over IP software maker Skype has launched an update to their software for Android, which now offers up 1-to-1 video calling.

Skyfire 4.0 launches for Android

With an optional video app

Popular mobile internet browsing software company Skyfire has just released the latest version of its web browser, in version 4.0 – with eight new features and a video converter.

Skype brings VoIP calling to all mobiles

Skype app-less calls

Popular voice over IP software maker Skype has launched the improved Skype To Go, a service where any mobile phone can call any mobile or landline directly – at a low cost and without the need for an internet connection.

Skype video calling comes to Apple devices

iphone-profile Moving images arrives on the iPhone

Popular voice and messaging software company Skype has updated its application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices that now allows for video calling and over 3G.

Skype comes to Android

Internet calls for Robots

Popular Voice over IP client Skype has just arrived for the Google Android OS, on versions 2.1 of the platform onwards.