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Three UK now selling mobile broadband WIFI router for use with a USB dongle

one-mobile-ring-three-zte Mobile phone network Three UK is now retailing a home broadband device, which offers up Internet access from a mobile broadband USB dongle – with a cost attached of £39.99.

Three announces mobile broadband WIFI router for 3G dongles


And HSPA+ devices too

Mobile phone network Three has unveiled a mobile broadband WIFI hub from ZTE, which can be used with a USB 3G dongle to offer up mobile broadband at home and for up to 5 different devices.

Nokia launches free WIFI for London

Free London Wi-Fi brought to you by Nokia and Spectrum Interactive_low res

In 26 hotspots

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia and WIFI providers Spectrum Interactive have announced free WIFI access in London, until the end of year.

Samsung is selling 5-inch and 3.6-inch screen Galaxy S WIFI only models


Without any cellular features

South Korean consumer electronics company Samsung has announced the availability of two new Galaxy S WIFI devices with a 5-inch screen and a 3.6-inch display – with the larger one now available, and the smaller device arrives in November.

Heineken offers free WIFI in pubs


For drinking whilst surfing

BT Openzone has teamed up with Heineken to offer WIFI access for mobile phones and portable devices, in nearly 100 London pubs and bars.

Samsung Galaxy Tab WIFI-only edition tips up

Google OS tablet, sans 3G access

On-line retailer Amazon is now selling the WIFI only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, before Samsung has actually announced the Android tablet device.

Orange launches portable mobile WIFI device

Nothing gets MIFI, only under a different name

One part of Everything Everywhere has brought out a mobile broadband product capable of providing Internet access, to a number of devices over WIFI.

WIFI coming to London Underground

TFL Internet access on the Tube

Transport for London has announced they will be trialling out WIFI on the London tube system, starting from November 1st  with the Charing Cross underground station.

Mobile WIFI comes to Vodafone

vodafone_wifi_hotspot_r201_angled_g1MIFI under a different name

Mobile phone network Vodafone has launched a rival to Three’s MIFI product under the name of mobile WIFI, with a cost of £25 a month with a 5GB data allowance ceiling.

Sony and Vodafone partner up for PlayStation Vita

For playing games over 3G

Computer entertainment giant Sony has unveiled that Vodafone is the preferred provider of 3G connectivity for the PlayStation Vita in the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands.