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2.5 billion Apple app downloads during 2009

Roughly a quarter chargeable sales

Gartner App Predictions Market researcher Gartner publishes its latest report, revealing an incredible two and a half billion bits of software were downloaded across ‘i’ phones and pods last year. The number downloaded since the App Store launched in July 2008 has been catapulted above the three billion milestone.

Vodafone relaunch femtocell

Access Gateway becomes Sure Signal

sureSignalBoxFirst to the UK with a femtocell last July, Vodafone this week rebranded their Access Gateway with the more customer-friendly name Sure Signal. Their web page details several customer accolades for the product, examples where poor or no previous coverage was available due to living or working in basement flats, or in the wilds of Northumberland.

Nokia mixed reality

Blond ambition?

As the physical and digital words become ever more closely meshed together, here’s an interesting concept video from Nokia’s mixed reality experience team. It demonstrates the potential use of near-eye display glasses, gaze tracking and a haptic wristband for gesture control (a bit like a Wii controller).

UK Operator out-of-bundle charges

Basic call charges can vary by as much as 300%

Unlike dazzling customers with the latest handsets, winning them (back) by critiquing the opposition won’t set pulses racing, but it can be revealing and it works. This article discusses some basic UK operator facts that are often overlooked by customers and sales agents alike.

Great example of augmented reality

Nearest tube iPhone app

Augmented reality applications take a live view of the real world and blend in computer generated elements as an overlay. Add GPS and compass technology to a mobile and watch the video for a great example of a practical application to benefit customers.

Broadband speed

By 2012 will 2 Mbps be enough?

Sir Michael Rake British Telecom has had to admit that its Chairman, Sir Michael Rake is the only resident of Buckinghamshire village and not-spot Hambleden to have access to fixed line broadband. Apparently, the premier connection is part of a trial of new technology and no company could afford to provide broadband to residents, so far from an exchange. Embarrassing to Sir Michael to be the only broadband user in the village, but maybe he could share it?

Antenna Special

The most important part of your phone?

Largely unconsidered these days, the antenna is really the key technology in a mobile phone, or anything labelled as wireless. Without it no customer can get a signal. Bigger is better, but in the ongoing battle to cram more gadgetry into smaller phone cases, it’s often the antenna size that takes a hit.

The power of 1GHz mobiles

Rise of the Giants

Samsung 1GHz chip Super-fast processor phones will become objects of desire for customers next year. 1GHz processor chips power the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, the LG eXpo, and the Toshiba TG01 which is already available with Orange for Christmas.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

WinMo 6.5 QWERTY slider

With the 1GHz power X10 on the way for February, the rest of Xperia range need a push to stay in focus. Take a look at the Windows Mobile 6.5-powered Xperia X2, thanks to PhoneArena.

Converging markets: Cell Phone and Sat Nav

When devices collide

Consumers hanker after cool gadgets and the market is eager to supply them. When a product starts to look redundant, alarm bells ring and the manufacturers scramble to innovate and show us new ways to make their offerings indispensible again.