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Spotify now available for Research In Motion BlackBerry mobile phones

In beta form

Popular on-line music streaming service Spotify has announced a mobile application for RIM’s BlackBerry handsets, which is now available to download and use.

Research In Motion announces next version of its mobile phone operating system


And is a cross between the tablet OS and the phone’s

Canadian mobile phone maker RIM has unveiled the next iteration of the operating system that drives their handsets and tablets, which will be known as BlackBerry BBX.

Research In Motion leaks two unannounced phones on own website


with a new touch screen Curve and Bold

Canadian mobile phone manufacturer RIM has inadvertently made public a pair of upcoming BlackBerry handsets, from their own website.

What could Research In Motion do to stop the BlackBerry blackout happening again?



One Mobile Ring is turning its attention to Research In Motion and the recent outage of their BlackBerry services. This resulted in BlackBerry mobile phones in Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, parts of South America being without email, web browsing abilities and BlackBerry messenger, for the best part of a week.

Research In Motion offers compensation for service outage


Research In Motion exclusively talks to One Mobile Ring about the reasons for the BlackBerry service outage and when it will be resumed



One Mobile Ring has had an exclusive interview with Anthony Payne, Research In Motion’s Director of Platform Marketing at London’s BlackBerry Innovation Forum, in order to get to the bottom of their service outage since Monday which has affected the whole of EMEA.

UK Manager Director of Research In Motion apologises for network outage



Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion‘s UK Managing Director Stephen Bates has taken to the stage at London’s third BlackBerry Innovation Forum with One Mobil Ring in attendance, to apologise for their network outage that has resulted in intermittent loss of service for two days throughout EMEA.

Research In Motion releases Microsoft SharePoint app for BlackBerry phones


For use in the business and enterprise world

Popular manufacturers of email handsets RIM has launched the BlackBerry Client for SharePoint, which offers up access to Microsoft corporate servers.

Research In Motion to bundle 7digital music app on the PlayBook

Research In Motion application store gets updated

bb_app_worldThe sequel to App World

The RIM software for accessing free and paid for applications on their BlackBerry handsets has been upgraded – to BlackBerry App World 2.0 and brings in a friendlier interface, search functionality and better methods of payment.