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Weekly Newsletter – October 31st – November 4th

The week started with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus going on sale on November 17th and Galaxy Note hitting stores on Thursday, Sony bought Ericsson out of Sony Ericsson and the Porsche designed BlackBerry mobile phone was announced. Motorola sold 100,000 Xoom tablets in three months, Windows Phone ‘Mango’ update is now available for all WP7 mobile phones, Sainsbury’s is to launch their own mobile phone network, Virgin Media offered free Spotify Premium for six months on mobile phones and Nokia Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ Lumia 800 mobile phone is under £400 on pay as you go deals with Three.

Monthly Newsletter – October

The month started with One Mobile Ring reporting the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S mobile phone is now available on Vodafone, the new BlackBerry Torch 9810 handset is free on Three and Carphone Warehouse announced a combined contract for tablets and mobile phones. Vodafone offered three months of unlimited data with a new mobile phone and Samsung launched a new Galaxy Android Honeycomb Tablet. We published a hands-on walkthrough and unboxing in pictures of the Huawei Blaze mobile phone, with a hands-on walkthrough in pictures and video of the Nokia 700 handset.

Samsung Galaxy Note World Tour – Live Blog

One Mobile Ring is attending the launch event for the Samsung Galaxy Note live from Battersea Powerstation, where we will bring you all the news as it happens.

Weekly Newsletter – 22nd October

The week started with Google updating translate for Android, with 14 different languages, news reached One Mobile Ring that one in six mobile phones in Britain is contaminated with faecal matter. The iPhone 4S got taken completely apart and analysed, Nokia launched the affordable 603 mobile phone with NFC and a range of colourful backs. O2 began trialling VoIP technology, whilst Research In Motion offered compensation for their service outage. We published a feature on all the Apple iPhone 4S, with all the mobile networks’ costs compiled in an easy to read table, for the whole contract duration and four million iPhone 4S were sold in first weekend.

Motorola Razr thin mobile phone will soon be available on O2


And possibly the only network too

Former British Telecom mobile phone network O2 has made public it will soon be carrying the recently announced svelte Motorola Razr handset, in November this year.

Mobile phone networks Three, Vodafone and O2 will be selling the Samsung Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ 4.0 Galaxy Nexus handset


Although no tariff costs have been shared

Three of the top UK mobile phone networks have all announced that they will be carrying the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Nexus – which is the very first handset to arrive running the new Google Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ 4.0 phone operating system.

Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ 4.0 features – listed, noted, explained and with screen shots


Google’s Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ 4.0 has just been unveiled along with the very first handset to arrive running the OS – the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Google launches Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ 4.0


As the successor to Android ‘Gingerbread’ 2.3

Internet search engine giant Google has launched their latest operating system, in the Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ 4.0 platform – which will first be found running the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.