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Upcoming BlackBerry London mobile phone leaked


Running the new OS

Technology news website The Verge has published an image of the yet to be announced BlackBerry London handset, which is said to be running the BBX operating system.

Weekly Newsletter – 14th November – 18th November

The week began with One Mobile Ring reporting that Acer’s first Windows Phone 7 ‘Allegro’ mobile is now available int he UK, Nokia released ‘making of video’, for the Windows Phone 7 Lumia 800 handset and Apple released new version of iOS 5, in the OS 5.0.1 software update. 2,000 newspapers came to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, from the PressReader application and a new Windows Phone 7 OS was found running on the leaked Nokia Champagne mobile phone. Orange leaked own branded San Francisco II ZTE made phone, on phone’s support page and Sony Ericsson X10 mobile phone is now getting an upgrade to the current version of Android on O2, whilst Sky adds a news application to Research In Motion’s BlackBerry handsets.

Weekly Newsletter – 22nd October

The week started with Google updating translate for Android, with 14 different languages, news reached One Mobile Ring that one in six mobile phones in Britain is contaminated with faecal matter. The iPhone 4S got taken completely apart and analysed, Nokia launched the affordable 603 mobile phone with NFC and a range of colourful backs. O2 began trialling VoIP technology, whilst Research In Motion offered compensation for their service outage. We published a feature on all the Apple iPhone 4S, with all the mobile networks’ costs compiled in an easy to read table, for the whole contract duration and four million iPhone 4S were sold in first weekend.

Weekly Review – 23rd September

Last week we saw both Nokia and HTC launch flagship handsets, where if rumours hold any weight we’re likely to see something big from BlackBerry next week and we’re also possibly weeks away from Windows Phone 7 launching.

Weekly Review – 20th of August

Just as with last week, this time of the year is known as the silly season in the yearly news cycle, where there really isn’t a great deal of news around and quirky stories make for the big headlines instead. This was originally to do with Parliament being on hiatus during the summer, where there wasn’t any traditional news generated for the newspapers.