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Huawei MediaPad Android Honeycomb 3.2 tablet – hands on walkthrough on video

One Mobile Ring has captured on video a hands-on walk through of the Huawei MediaPad tablet, which is the company’s third generation device and said to be the world’s first 7-inch display tablet to arrive running the Android ‘Honeycomb’ 3.2 OS.

Huawei MediaPad tablet – hands on walkthrough in pictures

One Mobile Ring recently attended the launch event for the Huawei MediaPad tablet, which is due to arrive during the first three months of next year – with a cost attached of £330.

Huawei Vision mobile phone – hands on walkthrough on video

OMR caught up with Huawei of late, where we published a hands-on set of images of their flagship Vision mobile phone here that has just come to the UK.

Huawei Vision mobile phone – hands on walkthrough in pictures

One Mobile Ring has attended the launch event for the Huawei Vision handset, which is their first flagship device to go on sale under their own name.

Huawei launches its Android Vision mobile phone and Honeycomb 3.2 MediaPad tablet for the UK

one-mobile-ring-omr-huawei-mediapad (8)

with prices and availability

Huawei set to launch 3D mobile phone and tablet, early November


In the UK

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei has invited One Mobile Ring to the UK launch event for two upcoming products – the 3D Vision mobile phone and MediaPad tablet.

Huawei Blaze mobile phone – hands-on walkthrough and unboxing in pictures

One Mobile Ring has just taken delivery of the new Huawei Blaze mobile phone, which is set to be the first Android smartphone to go on sale for under £100 – with a cost attached of just £99.

Huawei launches Honor smartphone with three day battery


And 4-inch screen, with 1.4GHz CPU

Popular manufacturer of Orange and Vodafone mobile phones Huawei has unveiled the Honor handset, with a large screen, fast processor and a long, long battery life.

Sub £100 Huawei Blaze budget Android mobile phone arriving in October


At both Phones 4u and Tesco

Well-known maker of low-cost devices Huawei has announced their new Blaze handset will be sold for just £99 next month, with the poplar high-street phone retailer Phones 4u and Supermarket giant Tesco.

Phones 4u to exclusively sell Huawei mobiles


Following on from ZTE

Popular high-street mobile phone retailer Phones 4u has announced a partnership with well-established handset maker Huawei, where the phone reseller will solely be stocking their latest mobiles.